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Plugs are tissue cultured or seed grown plants in a 72-cell pack 10-1/2" by 21". Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3" to 4" pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. Prices are subject to change without notice.

HOSTAS - native to Japan, Korea, and China., Hostas are easy to grow, shade tolerant, herbaceous perennials. Hostas are grown mainly for their beautiful foliage. Hosta leaves come in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. One common name for Hosta still used in some garden centers is Plantain Lily. Hostas are sometimes still referred to as Funkia. But the real name for hosta is Hosta.Hostas are grown in Zone 4 to 8. Prefers shady to partial sun, grown in a quart to 1 gallon pot in the 1st year and 2 gallon pot in the 2nd year or plant in the ground. Plants for sale are plugs 2" to 3" tall.



Plant height when mature
Hosta Atlantis Hosta 'Atlantis' pp#17,093  
Hosta Blue Angel Hosta Blue Angel - Large bluish-gray heart-shaped leaves that are deeply veined. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN up to 48" tall, Fast Growth
Hosta Blue Mouse Ears Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'-This small Hosta forms a perfectly symmetrical clump that makes a tight 1' wide mound of small, round, blue-green leaves. small
Hosta 'Cherish' Hosta 'Cherish' - Small round leaves with yellow streaks and a green outline adorn this dwarf Hosta. An adorable addition to a cottage garden. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN Dwarf Hosta
Hosta Cliffords Stingray Hosta 'Clifford's Stingray' pp#17279  
Hosta  dawn's Early Light Hosta 'Dawn's Early Light'-
Beautiful mounding Hosta. Grows to 3 feet wide, gold in the spring and fading to greenish yellow in the summer. Lavender flowers on 30 inch stalks.
Grows to 3 feet wide
Hosta Earth's Angel Hosta Earth Angel
This selection from 'Blue Angel' sports thick painted blue leaves with a white one inch border.
Hosta 'Elvis Lives' Hosta 'Elvis Lives' .Very unusual form of long, narrow blue leaves with wavy edges on long arching petioles. Lavender flowers
A medium sized Hosta. Grows 10 to 18 inches tall.
Hosta 'Eternal Flames' Hosta 'Eternal Flame' - Bright white, splashed in the center of a black-green margin. 15" lavender flowers top this clumping beauty. A selection of Hosta 'Whirlwind' named because it holds the white center all season long. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN Medium size
Hosta Fantabulous Hosta 'Fantabulous' -
Slightly twisted deep green leaves outlined with a broad creamy white rippling margin. Lavender flowers in mid summer above "quilted" foliage. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN
Medium hosta, growing to 20" high x 30" wide.
Hosta ' Fatal Attraction' Hosta 'Fatal Attraction' - This medium hosta has long pointed leaves that have deeoply impressed veins surrounded by a creamy yellow margin that turns white. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN 10" tall
Hosta 'fire & Ice'
Hosta 'Fire and Ice'
Broadly ovate leaves offer remarkable contrast with a pure white center and a 1 inch wide dark green margin. They are highly twisted and moderately folded. The petiole is white with a green edge. Flowers are lavender on a white stem.
Grows to 10 inches high and 8 inches wide
Host 'First Frost' Hosta 'First Frost' -
A sport of 'Halcyon', blue leaves with a half inch yellow-cream margin that fades to white at the end of the season.
Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'

Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'
Leaves are apple green, heart-shaped with a wide, irregular yellow to cream margin. Produces large, fragrant white flowers.


A medium to large Hosta.
Hosta 'Francee'

Hosta 'Francee'

Dark green leaves with a neat, narrow white edge. Flowers are lavender

A medium sized Hosta.
Hosta 'Great Expectation'

Hosta 'Great Expectation'
One of the most beautiful of all the Hosta. Large, heavily puckered leaves are yellow-cream in the center with wide, irregular blue and green margins. Flowers are white.

A Large Hosta
Host 'Green Eyes' Hosta 'Green Eyes' -
A medium size mounding Hosta with wavy leaves that are yellow with a dark green margin.
Medium Eyes
Hosta 'Hadspence Blue' Hosta 'Hadspence Blue'
Leaves are wide, thick, deep blue-green with an almost corrugated texture. Blooms are pale lavender to white flowers.
A slow growing Hosta, which forms a wide, low mound.
Hosta 'Halcyon' Hosta 'Halcyon'
A most beautiful blue color, a chalky powdery blue in spring, turning to a ddeep blue in the summer holding up well in the fall. The leaves are heart-shaped and heavily ribbed. Pale lavender flowers in the summer.
A medium sized Hosta
Hosta 'Hoosier Harmony' Hosta 'Hoosier Harmony'
Leaves have a gold center with a green margin. Blooms are white and very fragrant.
A medium sized Hosta.
Hosta 'Iron Gate Delight' Hosta 'Iron Gate Delight'
Wide, creamy-white border on green leaves. Produces very fragrant lavender flowers in August.
A medium to large Hosta
Hosta 'June' Hosta 'June'
Rich, powdery, gold leaves with a narrow blue edge. The color is best in fairly bright light, tending to turn yellow-green in deep shade. Pale lavender flowers.
A medium sized hosta.
Hosta 'Krossa Regal' Hosta 'Krossa Regal'
A highly rated blue-green Hosta with an upright vase shape and lavender flowers in late summer.
An upright vase shape. Grows to 30 inches high and 28 inches wide.
Hosta 'Last Dance' Hosta 'Last Dance' - Green, textured heart-shaped leaves iwth a glowing gold margin. 2' spikes of lavender flowers top the 3' wide clump in early summer. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN Grows up to 2 feet
Hosta 'Minute Man' Hosta 'Minute Man'
Has a sharp 3/4 inch pure white margin with a 3-inch shiny green center. The slightly rippled leaves are 4 inches wide and 6 inches long. Flowers are lavender.
Grows to a height of 12 inches and is 24 inches wide.
Montana Aureomarginata Hosta Montana 'Aureomarginata'
Lanceolate leaves that are green with irregular yellow and white variegation along the margin. Pale lavender flowers.
A medium sized Hosta.
Hosta 'Moon River' Hosta 'Moon River'
Bell shaped pale lavender flowers stand above thick corrugated blue-green leaves with a creamy white flower.
A very vigorous growing medium Hosta. Grows to 10 inches tall by 16 inches wide.
Hosta 'Mount Tom' Hosta 'Mount Tom' - Large, dark green leaf surrounded by a dramatic, wide cream margin with lavender flowers in mid summer. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN Medium to Large
Hosta 'Patriot' Hosta 'Patriot'
Leaves are dark green and ovate. Margin is wide and creamy white, Flowers are lavender.
A medium sized Hosta
Hosta 'Potomac Pride' Hosta 'Potomac Pride'
Blackish green, glossy leaves which cup downward
A fast grower. Grows to 24 inches tall by 50 inches wide.
Hosta 'Praying Hands' Hosta 'Praying Hands'
A small to medium hosta with unusual folded, dark green crinkled leaves with a thin cream colored margin.
Grows to 14 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The upright clumps are topped with 18 inch spikes of light lavender flowers in late summer.
Hosta 'Queen Josephine' Hosta 'Queen Josephine'
Dark, glossy, green heart-shaped leaves with wide irregular yellow, changing to creamy white, margins with some streaking towards the center. Medium violet flowers.
A medium Hosta.
Hosta 'Robert Frost' Hosta 'Robert Frost' - Rounded, deep blue leaves with creamy yellow margin, turning white in summer. White flowers in July. Large
Hosta sagae Hosta sagae
The leaves are short and heart-shaped, with wavy edges and prominent veins. They emerge bright green with margins in deep golden yellow and later turn to a frosty, silvery gray-green while the margins turn to creamy white. Pale lavender flowers.
A very large stunning Hosta that forms a large clump growing 5 to 6 feet after a few years.
Hosta 'Samual Blue' Hosta 'Samual Blue'
Blue-green, heart-shaped foliage on a fast multiplying plant. Lavender flowers in mid-summer.
A vigorous, quick growing Hosta that holds up well in summer heat.
Hosta 'Sea Thunder' Hosta 'Sea Thunder'
Leaves are heart-shaped with a white center and a dark blue-green margin. Pale lavender flowers.
A large Hosta.
Hosta 'Summer Music' Hosta 'Summer Music'
A beautiful Hosta with ovate leaves, pure white in the center with irregular margins of medium green, chartreuse and gold. Lavender flowers.
A beautiful Hosta with ovate leaves, pure white in the center with irregular margins of medium green, chartreuse and gold. Lavender flowers.
Hosta 'Stained Glass' Hosta 'Stained Glass' - Brilliant, shiny golden foliage Medium size
Hosta 'Stilleto' Hosta 'Stiletto' -
This small beauty has narrow elongated, lance shaped green leaves with a bright cream margin. Great for edging or in mass plantings.
Hosta 'Striptease' Hosta 'Striptease'  
Hosta 'Sum and Substance' Hosta 'Sum and Substance' - Thick, large, waxy golden heart-shaped leaves, and lavender flowers make this large Hosta a well-known favorite. Produces pale lavender flowers in late summer, and its color is better when it gets some sun. VIRUS INDEXED AND CLEAN Medium to Large
Hosta 'Sun Power' Hosta 'Sun Power'
A graceful, vase-shaped Hosta with long, sharply pointed bright yellow leaves, slightly twisted with undulating margins. Lavender flowers.
A large Hosta.
Hosta Tattoo Hosta 'Tattoo' pp#11603-
Leaves have this tattoo like impressions.
Shade to Partial Sun-Mass planting, border plant or in a container Zone 4-8


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