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*Starter Plants or
Plugs are tissue cultured or cuttings or seed grown plants in a 72-cell pack 10-1/2" by 21". Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3" to 4" pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Gingers are a large group of tropical herbaceous perennial plnats with bold foliage and attractive flowers. There are about 50 genera and over a thousand species. gingers are excellent plants for the southern climates and protected northern climates. many species enter dormancy in reponse to short days, cool temperatures or dry conditions.

Heliconias are exotic tropical plants that produce beautiful ornamental blooms. They are closely related to Gingers and have many of the same cultural requirements. heliconia are also used as cut flowers and cut foliage.



Plug is 3" to 5" tall or 1" dia.
Light Req't
Finish Time Pot size Req't when mature Plant height when mature Plant Hardiness
Alpinia luteocarpa 'Bamboo Ginger' Alpinia luteocarpa 'Bamboo Ginger'
Fragrant white flower on dwarf bamboo bush. Perfect patio container plant
plug Partial Sun
Partial Shade
    1ft to 2 ft Zone 8-11
Alpinia purpurata 'Dwarf Red' Alpinia purpurata 'Dwarf Red'
Plug Full Sun to Partial Shade     3 ft Zone 9-11
Alpinia 'Hot Pink' Alpinia 'Hot Pink'            
  Alpinia nutans 'Narrow Leaf'
Alpinia purpurata 'Polynesian Princess' Alpinia purpurata 'Polynesian Princess'
Stunning ginger with red and pink striped blooms . Works great as a cut flower
Partial Sun 6 months 10" 5 to 6 feet 9-11
Asarum 'Green Panda' Asarum 'Green Panda'
Cold Hardy Ginger
 is a perennial groundcover that has evergreen leaves. A great northern landscape plant for tucking into corners or planted in mass in the shade.
Plug Full shade to partial sun       Zone 6-10
Curcuma Garnet Curcuma 'Garnet' ppaf
Hidden Ginger
Dark green, ruffled foliage hides a beautiful maroon infloresence, from which striking yellow blooms emerge

Plug Part Sun-Shade       Zone 8-10
Curcuma cordata 'Jewel of Thailand' Curcuma cordata 'Jewel of Thailand'
Hidden Ginger
 impressive ginger from Thailand which produces tall inflorescence up to 12 inches long.
Plug Partial Sun
Partial Shade
    3ft to 4ft Zone 8-11
Curcuma 'Laddawan'

Curcuma 'Laddawan'
Hidden Ginger 'Laddawan' works exceptionally well as a cut flower, pot plant, and as landscape ginger.

Plug       3ft to 4ft Zone 8-11
Curcuma Kymar Orange Curcuma Kymar Orange
Hidden Ginger
 is a broad leaved curcuma that has burnt orange bracts with yellow-orange flowers.
Plug Partial Sun , Partial shade     2ft to 3 ft Zone 8-11
  Curcuma 'Gold Dust' ppaf *
Hidden Ginger
foliage hides the infloresence, from which blooms emerge. This ginger variety is grown for the foliage, and great in the southern garden, or in a container to be brought in during winter
Plug Part Sun-shade       Zone 8-10
Curcuma roscoanna 'Jewel of Burma' Curcuma roscoanna 'Jewel of Burma'
Hidden Ginger
a smaller curcuma with waxy bright orange blooms.
Plug Partial Sun
Partial Shade
    2ft to 3 ft Zone 8-11
Curcuma 'Tiki Torch' Curcuma 'Tiki Torch' ppaf *
Hidden Ginger
A bright red 6" infloresence emerges from the deep green, fan-shaped foliage on this ginger variety, and sprouts small yellow blooms along the two foot stalk
Plug Part Sun-Shade       Zone 8-10
Hedychium 'Anne Bishop' Hedychium 'Anne Bishop'
Blooms summer to frost, Sweet fragrance, Orange to yellow blooms
Plug       3ft-5ft Zone
Hedychium coccinium 'Disney-
Large ginger with orange flowers. the new growth has reddish green stems.
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 8" 5 to 6 feet 7 to 11
Hedychium coccinium 'Tara-
Attractive bright orange fragrant blooms. blooms earlier and longer (June-September) has been awarded the Royal Horticulture Society Award of Garden Merit for outstanding garden value. 'Tara' preforms well in the south as well as the pacific north west. This ginger produces 16" long orange, bottlebrush-like blooms. This hardy ginger lily has a erect growth habit.
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 8" 5 to 6 feet 7 to 11
Hedychium coronarium 'Eleizabeth' Hedychium coronarium 'Elizabeth'
 is a Tom Wood hybrid with pink flowers. The blooms have a honeysuckle-like fragrance that peaks in late afternoon.

Plug Shaded to Full Sun       7 to 10
Hedychium coronarium 'White Butterfly'-
Stunning landscape ginger with white blooms that have a gardenia fragrance
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 10" 4 to 6 feet 7 to 11
hedychium Dr Moy Hedychium 'Dr Moy'
 is a hybrid of H. flavum x H. coccineom, developed by Dr. Moy of the San Antonio Botanical Garden. 'Dr. Moy' has variegated foliage which will produce fragrant peach colored flowers with a dark orange throat.
  Partial shade to Full Sun     2 to 3ft Zone 7-10
Hedychium flavum 'Yellow Butterfly'-
Impressive ginger with attractive yellow flowers
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 10" 5 to 6 feet 7 to 11
  Hedychium gardnerianum 'Kahili'
 is a fragrant hardy ginger lily with 18" yellow flower spikes. The bright orange-red stamens stand out against the yellow bloom.
Plug Partial Shade to Full Sun     5 to 6 ft Zone 7-100
Hedychium 'Luna MothHardy Ginger Lily'-
Nice variety that has large white flowers. More compact than other varieties.
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 10" 3 to 4 feet 7 to 11
Hedychium 'Molten gold' Hedychium 'Molten Gold' ppaf
Butterfly Ginger
Dwaft Upright green foliage on this popular ginger variety, with delicate yellow clusters, that bloom three times sporadically during the year

Plug Partial Shade to Full Sun     24" to 30" Zone 7-10
Hedychium 'Pink V' -
Hardy Ginger Lily
Beautiful variety that has cream pink flowers with salmon pink throats
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 10" 5 to 6 feet 7 to 11
Kaempheria 'Pink Lace' Kaempheria 'Pink Lace' ppaf *
Peacock Ginger
Grown for it's beautiful purple foliage with a peacock design, the plant puts up it's bloom prior to the foliage emerging from it's winter rest.
Plug Shaded     Low growing 14" x 7" producing up to 8 flowers Zone 8-10
  Zingiber collinsi 'Silver Streaks'
Zingiber spectable 'Beehive Ginger' -
Large variety with golden basal blooms that is also great as a cut flower.
Partial Sun 4 months 8" 6 to 7 feet 8-11
Zingiber vinosum-
ginger with beautiful dark maroon foliage.
Plug Partial Sun 5 months 8" 4 to 6 feet 8-11
Zingiber 'Milky Way -
Unusual variety with light green bamboo-like foliage and white basal blooms
Plug Partial Sun 5 months 8" 3 to 4 feet 8-11
Zingiber zerumbet 'Shampoo ginger' -
This ginger has green basal blooms that turn read as they mature
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 8" 4 to 5 feet 8-11
HELICONIA angusta 'Red Christmas'-
heliconia with dark green foliage that has red and white upright blooms
Plug Partial Sun 6 months 10" 3 to 4 feet 10-11
HELICONIA angusta 'Yellow Christmas'-
Beautiful variety with yellow and white upright blooms
Plug Partial Sun 6 months 10" 4 to 6 feet 10-11
HELICONIA stricta 'Sharonii' -
Foliage has a maroon underside and midrib. Blooms are orange and yellow and held upright.
Plug Partial Sun 6 months 10" 3 to 4 feet 10-11
HELICONIA stricta 'Dwarf Jamacian' -
Variety great for potted plants. Has reddish orange blooms and a compact bushy habit
Plug Partial Sun 4 months 8" 2 to 3 feet 10-11
HELICONIA schiedeana 'Fire & Ice' TM -
Attractive variety with red and yellow blooms. More cold hardy than other Heliconia
Plug Partial Sun 6 months 10" 4 to 6 feet 9-11


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