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*Starter Plants or
Plugs are tissue cultured or seed grown plants in a 72-cell pack 10-1/2" by 21". Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3" to 4" pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. Prices are subject to change without notice.



Light Req't
Finishing time Pot size Req't for finishing Plant height when mature Plant Hardiness
  Amorphophallus eburneous          
Actinidia Kiwi Actinidia Kiwi Chinensis 'Tomori'' Male
Best suited for
the warm temperate conditions down South. They need at least 150 frost free days to produce fruit. These wonderful vines can produce some of the best tasting and most popular fruits. Plant is dioecious so a female plant like to one below would be required to bear fruit.
shade to Full Sun   Outdoors or Vining. Will require trellis to support vine. 5 to 10
Actinidia Kiwi Actinidia Kiwi Chinensis 'Vincent' Female
Same as above, but needs a male to be able to flower and fruit.
Part to Full Sun     Vining 5 to 9
  Aspidistra 'Mary Sizemore'          
Aspiditra 'Milky Way' Aspidistra 'Milky Way'
Commonly known as the cast iron plant.
Grate durability which make it and excellent
interior plant.
shade 36-40 weeks 6 to 14" 3 feet 9
Bauhinia galipinnii 'Pride of the Cape'
Callisia repens 'Turtle Vine' Callisia repens (Turtle Vine)
Quick growing groundcover, will cover a pot.
Partial Sun 3-4 weeks 4 to 6" Ground Cover 9
Carlendovica Palmata Carlendovica Palmata
An exciting new ornamental “palm like” plant.
Partial Sun 36 to 40 weeks 8 to 14" 4 feet 9
Carica Papaya 'TR Harvey' Carica papaya 'TR Harvey'
This dwarf variety fruits when it is only 3’ tall.
Full Sun 16 weeks 6-14" 4 feet 9
Chlorophytom Bichetti Chlorophytum Bichetti
Beautiful variegation on the margins is
very appealing.
Partial sun 30-36 weeks 10" 1 to 2 feet 9
Cissus Discolor Cissus Discolor
This vining jewel has dramatic color contrasts
of sliver, black, and purple.
shade 8 weeks 4-6" Vining 9
Christia obcordata -Swallow Tail Christia obcordata 'Swallow Tail'
A novel plant which looks like a cluster of
butterflies in flight.
Partial Sun 8 to 12 weeks 4 to 6" 12 to 16" 9
Christia subcordata - Iron Butterfly Christia subcordata 'Iron Butterfly'
A unique plant with burgundy butterfly
shaped leaves.
Partial Sun 8 to 12 weeks 4 to 6" 12 to 16" 9
  Coccoloba uvifera 'Sea Grape'          
Crytosperma Johnstonii Crytosperma johnstonii
A strange, aquatic plant that will turn heads
Full Sun 12 to 16 weeks 6 to 14" 3 to 4 feet 9-10
Curculigo capiulatis 'Green' Curculigo capitulatis 'Green'
This palm grass is highly effective for mass
plantings and cut foliage.
Part Sun 24-30 weeks 8 to 14" 4 to 5 feet zone 9
Curculigo purpurea 'Purple Prince' Curculigo purpurea 'Purple Prince'
Deep purple will add great depth when mass
planted, it also has a long life as cut foliage.
Part Sun 24-30 weeks 8 to 14" 3 to 3.5 feet zone 9
  Cyclanthus bipartiti          
Cyperus alternifolius-dwarf Cyperus alternifolius
Excellent marginal plant with nice umbrella
like foliage.
Sun 8 to 12 weeks 6 to 10" 3 to 4 feet zone 9
Cyperus alternifolius-dwarf Cyperus alternifolius Dwarf
Dwarf version of the above.
Sun 8 to 12 weeks 6 to 10" 12 to 16 inches zone 9
Cyperus Haspens Viviparus (Isoclades) Cyperus Haspens Viviparus
(isoclades) A sharp edge sedge that loves
wet soil.
Sun 6-8 wks rps 6-8” 1-2’ zone 9
Dioscora Discolor 'Dark' Dioscora Discolor 'Dark' (vine)
A climber that will stop people dead in their tracks.
Shade 8-12 wks rps 4-6” Vining zone 9
Eleagnus philippinensis "Silver Mist' Elaeagnus phillipinensis 'Silver Mist'
The suface on the leaf is dusted with silver flecks, & the bottom is a metalic silver.
Part Sun 12-16 wks rps 6-14 4’ zone 9
  Eucharis Grandiflora 'Christine'          
  Eucharis Grandiflora          
Excoecaria cochinchinensis 'Firestorm' Excocaria 'Fire Storm' - variegated
An exciting new compact plant with
stunning varigation and red bottomed leaves.
Part Sun 12-16 wks rps 4-14” 1’ zone 9
Excoecaria cochinchinensis 'Rain Storm' Excocaria 'Rain Storm' - bi-color
The green and red colored leaves
make this a nice addition to landscapes.
Part Sun 12-16 wks rps 4-14” 4’ zone 9
  Hoffmania refulgens          
  Hoffmania ghiesbreghtii          
  Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii Nana'          
  Ilex vomitoria 'Schillings Dwarf'          
Iris Ann Chowning Iris Louisiana 'Ann Chowning' (Louisiana Type)
Intense velvety red flower that bloom from
spring to summer, deer resistant.
Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6 to 10" 3 feet 7
Iris Fortune Finder Iris Fortune Finder (Louisiana Type)
Stunning yellow flower.
Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6 to 10" 3 feet 7
Iris 'Monroe' Iris 'Monroe'
Produces a small yellow flower with flecks of
red in the center.
Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6 to 10" 3 feet 7
Iris 'Full Eclipse' (Louisiana Type' Iris 'Full Eclipse' (Louisiana Type)'
Deep purple flower with slight orange lines.
Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6-10" 3 feet 7
Iris Peaches N Wine Iris Peaches N Wine (Louisiana Type)
Peach and wine bicolor.
Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6 to 10" 3 feet 7
Iris Louisiana Purple Iris Louisiana Purple
This Iris will have 6 to 8 blooms and can be grown successfully in 80% of U.S. states.
Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6 to 10" 3 feet 7
Iris Wow Factor Iris Louisiana 'Wow Factor' Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6 to 10" 3 feet 7
Iris neomarica 'Regina' Iris Neomarica Coerulea 'Regina'
Huge potential in this remarkable variety, which is salt and drought tolerant.
Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6-10" 3 feet 8-9
Iris Mount Bold Iris Mount Bold (Louisiana Type) Full Sun 20-24 weeks 6 to 10" 3 feet 7
  Loropetalum chinense 'Plum Delight'          
  Loropetalum chinense 'Ruby'          
Medinilla cummingii Medinilla cummingii
commonly referred to as Chandelier Tree. Cummingii is flowers well in containers & can be grown in dappled light or shade. The blooms are borne in bunches on long, pendulous stems, hence the name Chandelier Tree
Partial to Full shade     2-4 feet zone 11
Medinilla myriantha Medinilla myriantha
commonly referred to as Malaysian Orchid or Malaysian Grapes. It is an epiphyte in nature, so it likes needs a porous potting soil. The flowers start light pink and darken to purple. The blooms of last for months! This is an easy to grow shade or house plant. The berries are NOT edible.
Shade     2-4 feet Zone 11
Medinilla scortechnii Medinilla scortechnii          
Oxalis 'Fire Fern' Oxalis Fire Fern
A different novelty type plant that is
very colorful.
Shade 6-10 wks rps 4-6” 0.5’ zone 9
Oxalis 'Silver & Gold' Oxalis Silver & Gold
This weekly bloomer is an exciting new
interior plant.
Shade 6-10 wks rps 4-6” 0.5’ zone 9
  Podocarpus macrophylla          
Piper magnificum 'Lacquered Peppertree Piper magnificum 'Lacquered Peppertree'
The green and burgundy leaves have a brillant shine!
Shade 16-20 wks rps 6-10” 1-3’ zone 9
Piper methysticum "Kavakava or Awa Moi' Piper methysticum 'Kava Kava'
A stress releasing medicinal herb.
Sun 16-20 wks rps 6-14” 1-3’ zone 9
Polygala myrtifolia 'Chapmans Field' Polygata mrytifolia 'Chapman Fields'
A contrast flowering shrub with small
purple blooms
Sun 20-24 wks rps 6-14” 3' zone 9
  Polyscias fruitcosa 'California'          
  Raphiolepsis indica 'Alba'          
Rodospatha Rodospatha Narrow Leaf shade   4" to 6"   Zone 9
Rodospatha wide leaves Rodospatha Wide Leaf shade   4" to 6"   Zone 9
  Strobilanthus lactatus          
Strobilanthus dyrianus 'Persian Shield' Strobilanthus 'Persian Shield'
Adds a stark purple contrast to large
mixed containers or landscape.
Shade 4-6 wks rps 6-8” 1-3’ zone 9
Strobilanthus dyerianus 'Silver Shield' Strobilanthus dyerianus 'Silver Shield'
A silver selection from
‘Persian Shield’.
Shade 4-6 wks rps 6-8” 1-3’ zone 9
  Chrysobalanus - icaco Horizontal 'Coco Plum'          
Duranta erecta 'Gold Mound' Duranta erecta 'Gold Mound'          
  Graptophyllum pictum - 'Caricature Plant'          
  Heterocentron elegans - Spanish Shawl          
  Hibiscus acetosella 'African Rose Mallow'          
Ixora 'Siam Ribbon' Ixora 'Siam Ribbon'
Siam Ribbon’ has a very unique structure due
to its compact crinkled leaves.
Sun 36-40 wks rps 6-14” 3’ zone 8
Jasminum asiaticum Jasmine asiaticum
Does well in harsh urban environments (such as traffic islands), containers and hanging baskets. Blooms best when climbing in a sunny or partially-sunny location w/ fragrant white flowers.
Part to Full sun     Vining Zone 7 & up
  Loropetalum chinense 'Plum Delight'          
  Salvia leucantha - Mexican Sage          
  Serissa foetida          
  Tibouchina granulosa          
  Tibouchina urvilleana **** *NEW* **** FNGLA Plants of the Year          
  Tulbagia simmleri 'Giant Society Garlic'          
  Viburnum odoratissum          
  Viburnum suspensum          
Light Req't
Finishing time Pot size Req't for finishing Plant height when mature Plant Hardiness


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