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Also, if you have not received response from any of your inquiry, please check your SPAM/Junk folder as my email response might be hiding there.

Best way to place the order is by email to and since some greenhouses might carry the same item, its better to specify which Greenhouse the plant is coming from as I don't memorize all the plants where they are grown.

Please specify which Greenhouse the plants are coming from and bear in mind the minimum purchase that each Greenhouse requires. For example
Greenhouse A- Minimum purchase 2 trays
1 tray each
Variety A
Variety B
Variety C- Alternate to variety A if not available
Variety D- Alternate to variety B is not available

Greenhouse C - Minimum purchase 3 trays
1 tray each
Fern A - 72cp
Fern B - 72cp
Fern C - 50cp
Fern D - 72cp - Alternate to either Fern A, B or C if not available

Greenhouse G - Minimum purchase 3 trays
1 tray each
Variety A - 38 cp
Variety B - 50 cp
Variety C - 72 cp
Variety D - 72 cp - Alternate to either Variety A or B or C if not available

Click here to Download plug/Finished plants wholesale Pricing & Availability for week 28 for Greenhouses A, B, C and D

Click here to Download Plug/Finished plants wholesale Pricing & Availability for week 28 for Greenhouses GA and J

Click here to Download plug/Finished plants wholesale Pricing & Availability for week 28 for Greenhouses E, F, G, H , I

Special Pricing FEDEX Pallet Shipping Program for Greenhouse H
Shipping cost starting at $250
Maximum order : 28 boxes
Minimum order : 10 boxes
Forklift or Dock Required ( Additional fees will be added for lift gate trucks)

Please note that the Plant Wholesale Availability list has to be split into three as we have added another greenhouse and the total number of pages is more than 90+ pages long so I'd recommend you view it on a large monitor / desktop / laptop and not on your itty-bitty cell-phone screen. Better call me at 908-208-4767 for quick answer to your questions.

We also have finished cactus, succulents, Tillandsias from 2" to 12 " pots for the garden center ready for retail.

Sarracenia catasbaei

Greenhouse A
American Pitcher Plants
Greenhouse F, H, I
Asian Pitcher Plants
Greenhouse B, H, I
Spathoglottis Orchid
Greenhouse A & F
More Grasses & Perennials Greenhouse E, F, G
Tillandsia - bare root medium
Giant Platycerium superbum
alocasia megalodon
Air Plant Tillandsia
Greenhouse D, H

Alocasia Imperial Red

Greenhouse A

Giant Staghorn Fern -Platycerium superbum
Greenhouse C
Alocasia Megalodon
Greenhouse A
Monstera deliciosa
Greenhouse F, J
Alocasia macrorrhiza 'Borneo Giant Alocasia portei 'Malaysian Monster' Bauhinia galpinii Cissus discolor Colocasia mojito

Alocasia macrorrhiza 'Borneo Giant'
Greenhouse A

Alocasia portei 'Malaysian Monster
Greenhouse A'
Bauhinia galpinii - Orchid Tree
Greenhouse A
Cissus discolor
Greenhouse A , GA
Colocasia mojito
Greenhouse A
Colocasia gigantea (Thailand Giant Strain')
Medinilla myrantha
,Colocasia gigantea (Thailand Giant Strain) notice the big leaves in the background.
Greenhouse A

(Phalsa) Grewia asiatica
'Sherbet Berry'
Greenhouse A

Greenhouse A
Medinilla myriantha
Greenhouse A

If you don't see the plant you're after on the availability list, or the date keeps on moving up here are some of the reasons:
A. Plant is in high demand with a huge backlog that there's no need to advertise in the availability list (e.g. dwarf papaya or Anthurium)
B. Plants are not yet scheduled for production
C. The plant is slow growing in the plug stage and may not be large enough for release to the public;
D. quantity is limited and ordered by prebook only.

E. plant is contracted to a particular customer or grower and won't be released to the general public. The only time it becomes available is when there are leftovers.

A word of advice for plants that are produced in limited quantity on shown to be available at a future month, prebook your plants if they're not currently available otherwise, somebody else would have ordered or prebook it leaving you with nothing once it becomes available.

Summer is almost here g and to keep your plants alive and happy, these are the links to humidifiers / foggers , fertilizer injector and heaters
Also, with the prevalence of COVID-19, we also have the XE-ORSM-2000 or XE-CRSM-2000 to disinfect a large area either manually or preset duration.

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