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*Starter Plants or
Plugs are tissue cultured or cuttings or seed grown plants in a 72-cell pack 10-1/2" by 21". Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3" to 4" pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. Prices are subject to change without notice.



Plug is 3" to 5" tall or 1" dia.
Light Req't
Finishing time Pot size Req't for finishing Plant height when mature Plant Hardiness
  Adiantum caudatum Adiantum caudatum or Trailing Maidenhair.Trailing habit, delicate pink and green fronds.            
  Adiantum hispidulum 'Bronze Venus' Adiatum hispidulum 'Bronze Venus pp9238-
Vigorous, arching habit with tricolor fronds,
  Adiantum macrophyllum Peaches N Cream Adiantum macrophyllum- 'Peaches n Cream'- Large-leaf maidenhair with peach-pink new fronds            
  Adiantum microphyllum 'Little Ladyt' Adiantum microphyllum - Little Lady - Tiny leaflets with pink new growth; very graceful.            
  Adiantum pedatum Imbricatum Adiantum pedatum Imbricatum - An American Maiden Hair with fan-shaped, crowded, stiffly erect fronds.          Zones 2-8  
  Adiantum peruvianum 'Silver Dollar' Adiantum peruvianum or Silver Dollar - Stunning, large-leaf maidenhair with black stem and round,  pink new growth.            
  Adiantum raddianum 'Fragrans' Adiantum raddianum 'Fragrans' -
Best-selling maidenhair, vigorous and showy.
  Adiantum raddianum 'Fritz Luthi' Adiantum raddianum 'Fritz Luthii
Bunched, upright fronds.  Temperate cold-hardy.
  Adiantum raddianum 'Pacific' Adiantum raddianum 'Pacific'
Fan-shaped, overlapping segments
  Adiantum raddianum 'Snow Flake' Aditantum raddianum 'Snowflake'
Cascading habit with white-flecked, lime green fronds
  Adiantum raddianum 'Red Venus' Aditantum raddianum 'Red Venus'
Semi-upright habit with red new fronds
  Arachniodes simplicior or East Indian Holly
Also known as Variegated leather leaf.  Glossy, dark-green, yellow-variegated fronds.  Popular houseplant.
  Aglaomorpha coronans ‘Jims’ Aglaomorpha coronans ‘Jims’ is a versatile and attractive epiphytic fern excellent for small to large pots, bowls, hanging baskets, wall/tree mounts or just about anything else you want to grow it in.  ‘Jims’ has tough, leathery dark green fronds.  With age, 'Jims' produces thick and fuzzy amber colored rhizomes cascading over the sides of the pot. Plug          
  Asplenium 'Crissie'

Aspleniums 'Crissie'
are excellent for making statements in and around the office and house.

'Crissie' is a beautiful new birds nest fern with a bowl or basket shape. As the plant matures the ends of the leaves become branched or "fingered" forming a very distinct look. Excellent for 6 to 8 inch containers

  Asplenium antiquum 'Leslie'
is a beautiful new birds nest fern introduction ideal for 4" pots. The bowl or basket shaped fronds have wavy margins and as the plant matures the ends of the fronds become branched or "fingered" forming a very distinct look. Compared to A. 'Crissie', 'Leslie' is more compact and overall a much smaller fern
  Asplenum 'Victoria'
was discovered among a batch of Asplenium antiquum sporelings many years ago and was one of the first patented ferns in the U.S. Victoria has proved to be an excellent Asplenium variety for both the grower and consumer. Victoria has distinctive "wavy" fronds that grow in a rosette fashion forming a bowl or "nest" shape. Excellent for 4 to 8 inch containers.
   Athyrium filix-femina Lance-shaped, thin textured, feathery fronds.  Has 300 (!) English-named forms. Deciduous in winter.   Shade to partial shade     36" Zone 4-9
  Athyrium filix-femina 'Tatting' Athyrium filix-femina 'Frizelliae'
Curious mutation of lady fern, with narrow fronds and minute, beadlike pinnae. Deciduous in winter.
  Shade     18" Zone 4 to 8
  Athyrium filix-femina 'Rotstiel'
Striking red stem on bright green fronds. For best color on spring flush, use low-N fertilizer. Deciduous in winter.
  Shade     36" Zone 3-8
  Athyrium filix-femina 'Victoriae'
Unique, narrow, crossed & crested pinnae. Deciduous in winter
        24" Zone 4-8
  Red Beauty Athyrium niponicum 'Red Beauty''
Unique, narrow, crossed & crested pinnae. Deciduous in winter.
  shade     36" Zone 4-9
  Pictum or Japanese Painted Athyrium niponicum v. pictum
A perennial best-seller; reddish stems on grey-silver fronds.. Deciduous in winter.
        24" Zone 4-9
  Okanum Athyrium otophorum 'Okanum'
Pale green, triangular fronds with reddish stems. Deciduous in winter.
  shade     24" Zone 5-9
  Blechnum 'Silver Lady' Blechnum brasiliense "Silver Lady'-
An incredible selection of tissue cultured (dwarf tree fern).The beautiful symmetry and unique palm-like appearance of the light green fronds give this very distinct plant great marketing features. ‘Silver Lady’ grows extremely fast and is excellent for 5 to 10 inch containers, as well as use in moist tropical landscapes/atriums
  Autumn Fern Dryopteris erythrosora (Autumn)
Excellent fern with beautiful foliage. Fronds emerge a bright coppery-orange, fading over time to green
plug       Mature size of 1 to 2 feet. Zones 5-9
  White Paw Fern Humata tyermanii (White Paw)
Named for the white fuzzy rhizomes produced by the plant. Fronds are soft and dark green. Great to use in plantings for color and/or texture. More cold hardy than other tropicals.Adaptable to different soils, but will do best in a well drained mix. Keep evenly moist during active growth. Use soluble fertilizer at low to moderate rates, leaching occasionally
plug Light to full shade is ideal. Grows best from 60-85 degrees. Will handle temperatures into the teens, but stops growing completely until the warmer temperatures return   Cell pack to 4 inch: 12 to 14 weeks Cell pack to 6 inch: 16 to 20 weeks Cell pack to 8 inch basket: 26-30 weeks Mature size of 1 to 2 feet. Zone 8 to 10

Microsorum diversifolium or Kangaroo Fern originated in Australia. It is a striking and extremely user friendly fern, that can be used as a standing or hanging plant at home or in the office. Microsorum 'Kangaroo' is also used in landscapes in tropical to sub-tropical areas.

Depending on pot size the plant will reach a height of 39 inch (100 cm). The fronds sturdiness and length make them perfect for use as green foliage in bouquets and arrangements. The kangaroo fern needs less water and light than other ferns and this is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Microsorum musifolium 'Crocodyllus'® pp 13653
'Crocodyllus' is a beautiful tropical fern with a great marketing name. The 'Crocodyllus' name refers to the long, flat fronds with patterns that look similar to the hide of a crocodile (ok... a little imagination helps!).  The "crocodile" effect becomes more pronounced as the fern matures.  Suitable for small to large containers and hanging baskets.  Like many ferns, 'Crocodyllus' prefers low light or indirect sunlight and high humidity.  Fronds are long lasting as cut foliage.
  Microsorum punctatum ´Green Flame Microsorum punctatum ´Green Flame'® PP17420
‘Green Flame’ is a vigorous selection of Microsorum punctatum with glossy, broad, succulent fronds and abundant leaf cresting.  ‘Green Flame’ has an upright growth habit making this fern a true retail "eye catcher" while growers benefit from excellent bench space utilization.
  Nephrolepis 'Arianne'

Nephrolepis 'Arianne'
A new variety that is fast growing with shiny dark green fronds and a slightly more upright growth habit then typical Boston Fern.  'Ariane' is extremely tough and suitable for a wide range of container or basket sizes.  As an added bonus, 'Ariane' brings better cold tolerance to the Boston Fern family.

It seems that we have finally come up with the ultimate Boston!

  Nephrolepis 'Emerald Queen'

Nephrolepis 'Emerlad Queen' - Second only in industry production numbers to Boston Fern types is the very popular Emerald Queen. A tough and usually sun grown Nephrolepis that has proven to be quite versatile in southern landscapes, patio displays or as a tropical enjoyment indoors. Fronds are upright giving grower excellent space utilization. Given shade, fronds will slightly arch giving a softer appearance.

Depend on Emerald Queen to remain in high demand - there are few if any substitutions. Usually sold in 10" (3 gallon) containers

  Nephrolepis exaltata 'Emina' Nephrolepis exaltata ´Emina ® -- The fronds of this strong, compact cultivar stand erect and its slow growth habit makes it excellent for smaller pot sizes. The leaflets are dark green and delicately curled. ´Emina ®´ looks fabulous in arrangements with other small varieties. Close in appearance but tougher than its cousin Fluffy Ruffle, Emina's dark green fronds harden into crinkly/curly patterns. With its strong upright growth habit, this unique fern is perfect for 3 to 6 inch (7-15 cm) table top containers.            
  Nephroloepis 'Macho' Nephrolepis 'Macho'
This fern has an open growing habit, with broad leathery leaflets that is used both for landscape gardening and as a house plant. It is a large coarse fern, with spreading rhizomes, green, with pendant pinnate fronds 1/2 to 1 inch long, the pinnea somewhat leathery. 

'Macho' looks fine in a 6 inch pot but is at its best in larger containers or baskets. It is an excellent landscape fern which can be grown in wet conditions and in coastal areas.

  Nephrolepis exaltata 'Nevada' Nephrolepis 'Nevada' pp14190
Meet the "Boston" fern that is quickly catching the eye of every serious Boston Fern grower. More compact and darker green than "True Boston", 'Nevada' gives the grower better space utilization and as an added bonus requires little or no clean up prior to shipping.

If you’re serious about "Boston Fern" then 'Nevada' is the right fern for you

  Nephrolepis 'True Boston'

Nephrolepis 'True Boston'
Talk about market longevity, Boston Fern was a popular item back in the Victorian era and is still one of the staples of the U.S. foliage industry. Boston Fern is distinguished by its vigorous growth and long graceful fronds. Excellant as a pot plant and even better in a hanging basket.

Our selection of True Boston Fern will achieve very large specs given time in a large hanging basket or container.

  Nephropelis cordifolia 'Duffii' Nephrolepis cordifolia 'Duffii' (Button Fern)-
  Nephrolepis bisseralata 'Macho' Nephrolepis biserrata 'Macho' (Boston Fern)-
Extremely tough landscape fern with robust growth. Glossy green leaflets are larger than average. Too large to be an interior. Best suited for outside landscaping or hanging baskets.
plug Filtered to some full sun. Temperature can not go below freezing. Any well drained potting soil, prefers not to have bark in it. Water well and allow to dry out between waterings.   8 inch Hanging Basket (18 - 20 weeks), 10 inch Hanging Basket (24-26 weeks) Arching fronds grow up to 8 feet long Zones 9-10
  Phlebodium 'Blue Star'

PHLEBODIUM AUREUM 'BLUE STAR' - although very close to and originally classified in the genus Polypodium, is a very tough yet beautiful plant. Long, graceful, heavily lobed, blue green fronds make spectacular presentations in 6 to 12 inch baskets. 'Blue Star' tolerates adverse conditions well.

The utility, structure and blue color of 'Blue Star' will no doubt attract buyers looking for the new and different.

  Staghorn Platycerium bifurcatum

Epiphytic ferns that naturally grow on bark or tree branches. They have 2 different types of fronds. Can grow to an impressive size with little care
plug Bright light but not direct sun. Does best in day time temperature in the 70's and the nights are in the 50's.       Zone 9 to 11
  Platycerum madagascar Platycerum 'Madagascar'
 is a staghorn fern species with a smaller and more compact growth habit than 'Netherlands'.  It can be grown in the traditional way mounted on slabs of wood, tree fern fiber or wire baskets or as a 4, 6 inch container plant that can be more easily enjoyed indoors. The fertile fronds are more upright, fork earlier and have an interesting silver cast to the underside.  Because the fertile fronds show the mature lobes or forks early, madagascar gives you the unique staghorn appearance in smaller containers.
  Platycerum 'Netherlands'

Platycerum Netherlands' (Compact Staghorn)
Unlike numerous other Staghorn varieties, this newer selection, as the name implies, is unique to its full and compact growth habit making it perfect for 4, 6 and 8 inch container production.

Now an old favorite can be commercialized in a new presentation at more affordable price points. (Cold hardy to 35° F)

  Platycerium hilii 'Jim' Platylcerium hilii
Another Staghorn species from Autstralia.
  Platycerium superbum Platycerium superbum -A giant staghorn. One of the largest staghorns. Native to Australia. Similar size to Platycerium grande which is native to the Philippines.            
Plug is 3" to 5" tall or 1" dia.
Light Req't
Finishing time Pot size Req't for finishing Plant height when mature Plant Hardiness


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