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Click on above image for Aquafog Turbo XE Fan video Clip
Aquafog Turbo XE Fan - Coverage
& Placement

Turbo XE Fan
At the center of every Aquafog unit is a liquid fed fan blade assembly. Internal passageways lead liquid to the end of each blade where it is atomized into a micron-fine fog. A specialized aerodynamic venturi set with ninety impact pins maximizes quality fog output and increases CFM. Units also feature a UV stabilized housing which effectively contains large droplets, releasing the fine, dry fog.

Fan units are available in two domestic HP sizes and two 50 Hz sizes for overseas use. Many accessories, such as oscillators, stands and control packages are available, as well as special-order options to ease installation. Three phase and explosion-proof motors are also available on some units.

Included With Every Fan Unit:

  • Adjustable-angle hanging bracket
  • Choice of visual flowmeter panel with strainer - will require 10-100 psi water pressure or can be fed using a metering pump or gravity feed system.
  • 12' SJO indoor/outdoor, heavy-duty power cord- no plug (no cord for explosion-proof motor)
  • 20' Poly-Flo water line tubing - no Garden Hose Connector.
  • 16' water drainage line
  • 100% Stainless steel hardware
  • Easy-to-follow Operator's Manual
  • One-year warranty by manufacturer from date of purchase

Average Particle Size :

  • 5-10 microns @ low volume
  • 25 microns @ mid volume
  • 35 microns @ high volume

All TurboXE Fans are standard equipped with dark green housing and a dual voltage, white epoxy painted Wash down duty tm motor (WDD) 115/230V 1ph 60/50hz.

To order a special TurboXE Fan, add the appropriate option suffix(es) after the standard part number.

For example: XE-2000-34 is a XE 2000 (Fan Size 1 HP) with a and 4-34 GPH flowmeter.
Std Part #
Fan Size
Std. Electrical Rating
Max. Fog
List Price 2017
List Price Jan 1 2013
List Price Jan 1 2012
Your Price *
Domestic Voltage
XE 1000
1/2 HP
115/230V 60Hz
20 GPH
$1403 $1368
Domestic Voltage
XE 1000
1/2 HP
115/230V 60Hz

Explosion Proof
20 GPH
$1618 $1578
Domestic Voltage
XE 1000
1/2 HP
115/230V 60Hz
3Ph Explosion Proof
20 GPH
$1647 $1606
Foreign Voltage
1/2 HP
120/240V 50Hz
1 Ph
24 GPH
$1481 $1444
Domestic Voltage
3/4 HP
115/230V 60Hz
34 GPH
$1494 $1457
Domestic Voltage
3/4 HP
230/460V 60Hz
34 GPH
$1509 $1472
Domestic Voltage
3/4 HP
230/460V 60Hz

34 GPH
$1726 $1683

* Plus UPS Ground shipping within continental USA except Alaska. Inquire for discount schedule on volume purchase. Since we are a high-volume distributor for Jaybird Manufacturer, we are passing the savings on to you We accept check(subject to clearance) and Mastercard/Visa/Paypal(add 3% to total.) Please note that shipping travels at your own risk.

Check out the manufacturers website for more detailed information and applications


All units standard-equipped with Baldor® Wash Down Duty™ Motors, designed to give the best protection in moist, humid environments.

** Suffix 3-EXP stand for Baldor 3 phase explosion proof motor are UL and CSA approved for the following hazardous locations:

Class 1 Group D locations containing volatine gases such as Gasoline, Hexane, Naphtha, Benzene, Propane Alcohol etc
Class 2 Group F & G locations containg dust such as F Carbon black, Coal or Coke Duist or G Flour, Starch or Grain dusts.


Flowmeter Panel Sizes
Select your own flowmeter panel or ask a technical representative to assist you in determining the appropriate size for your application when placing an order.
Part No. Volume Range Application Guidelines
F-34 4-34 GPH Flowmeter Humidification / Cooling
F-24 2-24 GPH Flowmeter Humidification / Cooling
F-11 1-11 GPH Flowmeter Humidification / Cooling
F-5 20-300 cc/min Flowmeter Humidification / Cooling
Pesticide, Fungicide, Fertilizer
F-3 10-110 cc/min Flowmeter Pesticide, Fungicide, Fertilizer
F-1 5-50 cc/min Flowmeter Odor Control
Pesticide, Fungicide, Fertilizer
Ordering Information

Manual Operation: For operation without a control package, we recommend purchasing the Water Hose Connector Assembly (W-1) and Watertight Electrical Plug (P-1) for connection to standard utilities.

Power/Water Line Requirements: Each Aquafog is equipped with a 12' power line & 20' water line. Factory provided extensions are available for convenient connection to distant utilities.


Inquire for shipping & handling

XE Fan Accessories

Traveling Floor Stand
Wall/Ceiling Supports
Wall / Ceiling
Humidistat Control
24-Hour Timer
24-Hr. Timer
Thermostat Control
Two-Stage Control
Gravity Feed Kit
Gravity Feed
Electrical / Liquid Flow Supplies
Electrical / Liquid
Flow Supplies

Call before shipping. Returns shall only be effected with the proper Return Authorization. Products returned without the RA# will not be accepted. No returns after 30 days. A 20% restocking fee will charged plus the freight and handling cost incurred on shipping from the factory to your place. Return freight will be at your expense

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