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Turbo XE Oscillator
Increase Coverage and Circulation

Most applications with a wider than 20' coverage area will benefit from the use of an oscillator. Oscillators provide a continuous and consistent (dwell-free) movement, allowing the operator to fog at higher outputs while maintaining dryness underneath. Sweeping the fog not only alleviates droplet collisions and fallout, but also enhances circulatory movement for even fog coverage. Easily adjustable sweeps range from 3.75 to a full 360.

  • Maximum Coverage
  • Uniform Fog Dispersion
  • Rapid Arc Setting
  • Manual Override
  • Dwell-free Design
  • Adjusts in 3.75 Increments
  • 96 Settings
  • 360 Rotation in 2 Minutes

Part Number
Electrical Rating
Price July1,2021
XE-360 4 up to 360 115Volt 60/50Hz 1Ph $376 $359
XE-361 4 up to 360 230Volt 60/50Hz 1Ph $376 $359
      • Oscillators are standard equipped with a dark green houseing and epoxy encapsulated, impedence protected gear motor
      • Add suffix "bk" to model number for black housing

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