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Aquafog General Accessories

- Floor Stand-
-Wall Mount & Ceiling Supports-
-Gravity Feed Kit-
-Watertight Electrical Plug-
-Water Hose Connector-

Floor Stand

When space is limited overhead, XE Floor Stand allows near ground-level fogging for stationary or oscillating set-ups. Stands are constructed of durable thick-wall, polyethylene plastic with a structurally reinforced post and fillable base for maximum stability.

Six pre-set height locations allow for easy height adjustments without the need for tools. Quick, easy assembly. Available in black.

  • Six height settings
  • Easy assembly
  • Sleek, sturdy design
Part Number Price
Stationary Floor Stand
Travelling Floor Stand

Wall Mount & Ceiling Supports
Heavy Duty Mounting Supports
Easily install your Aquafog next to a solid wood or masonry wall.

The Wall Mount Support provides adjustable height along its 30" vertical length. The cross-support extends 21", accomodating 360 degree rotation.

The Ceiling Mount Support features a 36" horizontal length.

Part Number Description Price
(A) XE-W Wall Mount Support $76
(B) XE-C Ceiling Support $47

Water Hose Connector
Coupler, Reducer and Seal

Connects Aquafog to a standard garden hose.

For manual Aquafog fan operation, use P-1 and W-1.

    Part Number Size Price
    W-1 1/4" $15
    W-2 3/8" $12

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