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Plants will be shipped bare roots.

How do we grow our carnivorous plants ? In general, Outside in the late Spring, Summer and late Fall, so it catches the insects and kept wet with rain water or pure water and exposed to full sun. How do you keep it wet ? Instead of watering every day, put the plant in a deep saucer (Saucer as deep as the height of the pot) and fill the saucer with rain water or equivalent until its full to the brim. That way, you only water when the level drops down to the bottom. In the fall, as temperature drops, bring it inside before the 1st sign of frost and put in a place where its still exposed to as much sun as possible and keep at room temperature and just keep it damp. Don't let it dry out as its the kiss of death. No feeding either. Let the insect go to the plant and not the other way around.

In general, As far as watering goes, keep it wet when its hot, damp when its warm, moist when its cold. Never dry..

Why pure water ? Carnivorous Plants don't like to have minerals in their water and only pure clean water has that capability. What are sources of pure or clean water ?

Collect Free Rain water, melted snow (no salt), Drain water from the air-conditioner or dehumidifier in the Late Spring, Summer and Early Fall for storage in the Winter. Clean water that you have to pay for , Distilled water, Deionized (DI) or Reverse Osmosis (RO) or as a last resort bottled water (in an emergency)..




Species Name



Drosera spathulata Drosera spathulata
Drosera spathulata Fraser Island Drosera spathulata v. Fraser Island
Sundew with reddish ends
Drosera filiformis
Sundew Flowering size - will capture fungus gnats, fruit flys
Drosera capensis
Sundew Flowering Size - will capture fungus gnats, fruit flys, even house flys
Venus Fly Trap Venus Fly Trap
Regular trap - 3" pot
Venus Fly Trap 'Red Dragon'
Red trap - 3" pot
VFT x King henry Venus Fly Trap x 'King Henry'
Extra-Large trap from 1-1/2" to about 2"
  Sarracenia Judith Hindle
Blooming size tall
  Sarracenia catasbaei '
Blooming size medium tall
  Sarracenia Scarlet Belle
Blooming size tall
  Sarracenia Venosa Red '
Blooming size, Short and Fat
  Sarracenia Green Apache
Blooming size, Short and fat
  Sarracenia Red Apache
Blooming Size tall
  Sarracenia leucophylla 'Red Neck'
Blooming Size, tall
  Sarracenia leucophylla 'Compacta'
Blooming Size , dwarf version
  Sarracenia Juthatip Soper
Blooming size
  Sarracenia Sylwia
Short and Fat
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