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(Banana, Plantain)

Genus of 40 species of evergreen , palmlike, suckering perennials found in light woodland and at forest margins, in N.E. India and from S.E. Aisa to Japan and N. Australia. The leaf blades are huge and often paddle shaped ( although shape may vary), and light to mid-green or gray-green; the leaf sheaths form false stems. In summer, clusters of tubular flowers are produced from the axils of broad, colorful bracts in erect or pendent spikes. The cylindrical fruits are edible. Where not hardy, grow in a temperate greenhouse (in a border or containers), or plant out in a subtropical summer bedding design. In warmer climates, grow as specimen plants


Under glass, grow in soil-based potting mix in full light, with shade from hot sun. From spring to summer, water freely (do not let banana sit in water though) and apply as much balanced liquid fertilizer every watering. (they are heavy feeders , grow fast and will bear fruits in 4 to 5 seasons) keep just moist in winter. Repot ornamental species annually or every other year, in spring. For bedding, plant out when danger of frost has passed; lift and pot up in autumn.

Outdoors, grow in humus-rich soil in full sun. Provide a sheltered position, since wind will cause the large leaves to shred, especially on soft new growth. In winter, protect roots/rhizome from freezing by mulching heavily.


Sow seed as soon as ripe at 70~75F. Pre-soak spring-sown seed for 24 hours. Separate suckers in early spring, removing the older leaves to promote faster establishment. Divide established clumps of smaller species every 3-5 years..

Pests & Diseases:

Spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, burrowing nematode, cucumber mosaic virus, black leaf streak, anthracnose, and wilt can occur.

All Plants to be shipped bare-roots

Ensete Maurelii - A banana plant from Ethiopia. Fast and warm grower
3"-4" pot @$12 plug wholesale available

Musa Siam Ruby - The only banana plant that is red from trunk to leaves with some hint of green. Warm grower.
3"-4"" pot @$15, plug wholesale available

Musa Truly Tiny - the smallest banana plant in the world. 18" to 24" tall when mature. The plant is more of a foliage plant.
2-1/2" pot $10 , 6" pot $25 , Plugs Wholesale Availaible

Musa basjoo - the hardiest cool growing banana. Prefers cool temperature and will remain full and lush until the first frost. With proper protection, the plant will produce a flower and bananas in the 3rd to 5th season. Endemic from the rhukyu island of Japan. Retail Plant SOLD OUT. plugs Wholesale available

Musella lasiocarpa - a small banana that grows 4~5 feet tall maxium and is cold hardy. Found in the Yunnan Province of China. The plant produces a large artichoke like flower with bright yellow bracts that is dramatic and sunburst shape and lasts for several months. Fruit is not edible though. Strickly ornamental and perfect as potting plant. Retail Plant SOLD OUT , Plugs Wholesale available


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