Ophiopogon Species

This genus contains 50 species of rhzomatous, evergreen and semi-evergreen perennials native to Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Japan. They have arching, linear, grass-like radical leaves, forming dense clumps or mats. Small ovoid to spherical white through to pale purple flowers, opening only slightly, are clustered in short, dense spikes and are followed by blue/ black berries. They do not creep, and for ground cover have to be planted 6 inches apart. Can also be planted in pots.

Cultivation:. Grow in full sun or part-shade in well-drained soil. Water sparingly in winter. In early spring cut back shabby leaves, just before the new ones appear.

Propagation: Sow seed in containers outdoors, or divide, both in spring.

Pests and Diseases: Anthracnose, leaf spot , root rot and slugs.

Plants for Sale:

mondo 'Black' - an unusual plant where instead of green leaves, the plant leaves has turned black due to mutation. Rare- $10 over 6" across , $6 for plant less than 6" across. Shipping bare roots.

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