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Bletillas are ground orchids endemic to China, Japan, Vietnam. Terrestrial; stiffly upright plants bear several pleated lanceolate leaves. Underground corms give rise to stems that are about as wide and tall as a standard pencil.

Culture: Can be grown in shallow pot, deep pot or planted in the garden - even next to a pond. Provide bright light (dappled shade; can tolerate full sun in morning and late afternoon) and plenty of air movement; give ample water while growing, but let it dry out between waterings; must be in well-draining soil (an organically rich mixture with lots of pebbles or sand is best). Tolerates a wide range of temperatures during the growing season, but must experience a winter vernalizing in order to bloom. Plant the corm-like pseudobulbs up to 4” deep in spring. After flowering, continue to provide regular moisture to plants for the remainder of the growing season. Will naturalize over time, in optimum growing conditions, by short rhizomes and seed dispersal. Fully winter hardy in USDA Zones 6 and higher. May not be reliably winter hardy throughout USDA Zone 5 if no cover is provided, so a winter mulch is advisable in Zone 5 and lower. No serious insect or disease problems.



  Bletilla species/hybrid Description / Comment ZONE
  striata 'Big Bob' Blooming 2-3 weeks earlier than Bletilla ‘Kate’ (above), ‘Big Bob’ is the perfect plant to extend your blooming season of hardy terrestrial orchids. The long sword-like leaves are 4” wide at the base (2-3” wider than Kate’s foliage) so they fill out a garden bed nicely. ‘Big Bob’ has 2” rose-lavender blooms with white and dark lavender highlights on the lip. The flower spikes reach 36” tall with as many as 20 blooms per spike. It can be grown as a container plant, or a landscape specimen in zones 6-10. Zone 5- when mulched
Zone 6-9- mulch not required
$10 per growth
Bletilla ochracea ochracea Bletilla ochracea is a deciduous, terrestrial orchid. The flowers of this charmer are bright yellow with multiple flowers on the inflorescence. Flowering lasts for many weeks. Extremely easy to grow and exquisite in pots as well. Naturalizes and colonizes beautifully forming large clumps. They bloom from spring to summer, with each plant producing up to a dozen stunning blossoms and they bloom best when crowded. Zone 5- when mulched
Zone 6-9- mulch not required
$12 per growth
Bletilla yokohama 'Kate' ppaf yokohama 'Kate'

Hardy terrestrial orchids are exotic perennials that can be grown in outdoor gardens (zones 6 and higher). Bletilla 'Kate' is a vigorous plant with long sword-shaped leaves. It begins flowering in June and the bloom cycle lasts up to 2 months. The 2" lavender blooms have darker lavender streaks in the center of each petal. The deep yellow lip has sunny red spots and is surrounded by two rose-colored lobes. The flower spikes reach 40" tall with as many as 35 blooms per spike. It can be grown as a container plant or as a landscape specimen in zones 6-10. Deer resistent.


Zone 5- when mulched
Zone 6-9-mulch not required
$12 per growth

. Add Packing $5 and S/H $15



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