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Humid-it Fogger
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rear view
side view w/o extended nozzle
Side view
Side view w/o extended nozzle
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Humid-it Fogger , a midsize centrifugal fogger provide increased humidity to your mid size application. well suited for midsize greenhouse environments up to 2000 sq ft., livestock, Mushroom, Textile, Poultry, propagation rooms, research chambers, yet quiet enough for residential or commercial or industrial applications. Humid-it connects directly to a water source and will fill itself automatically. Can be easily adapted to be controlled by your humidistat, timer or thermostat. Excellent in greenhouses 20 to 60 feet in length.

Common to both Humid-it-1 and Humdi-it-3 are Centrifugal type with dual motor , Adjustable outlet direction , Portable, can be on the floor or on a table. , Quite with automatic overheat shutoff ., Features no-clog, nozzle-free atomization head, Pump free , Equipped with automatic fill float assembly and water garden hose connection, Delivered some assembly required, quick to install., 1 year Manufacturers warranty when used accordingly.from date of purchase

Fogging Capacity
4.75 gph or 18 liters/hr
3.5 gph / 4.5 gph / 5.5 gph
Fan Speed
single speed (wash down)
can be used from 40%RH to 100% RH)
3 speed
(from 40%RH to 90% RH)
Not Suitable for Mushroom or Concrete Curing where humidity up to 100% is required.
62 db @ 10 ft
65 db @ 10 ft
Inlet Water Pressure
80 psi max
80 psi max
Dimension: 18” x 17” x 54 ” (including misting nozzle) or 18" x 17" x 27" (without extended nozzle)
On floor or Table
22 lbs (packing gross weight 32lbs)
28lbs (packing gross weight: 35lbs)



Electrical Rating

List Price
Your Price*
Humid-it-1 speed
Fogger 4.75 gph 115v 60 Hz 1 ph 250W
Humid-it-3 speed Fogger 3.5gph, 4.5gph to 5.5 gph 115v 60 Hz 1 ph 250W

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We accept payment by Money Order or Check (subject to 5 to 10 business days clearance) or wire transfer (Add $25). Please add 3% convenience fee to total when paying by credit card/paypal. Add NJ sales tax when delivered to NJ. Inquire for discount schedule on volume purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Humid-it Humidifier produce a mist or a fog?

The Humid-it Humidifers considered to be between a misting machine and a fogging machine to be on the conservative side. Particles over 50 microns have a tendency to settle out of the air as mist. Humid-it use centrifugal force to atomize liquid into ultra-fine particles from 5 micron to 30 micron in size. Humid-it has an internal fan to propel and disperse the fog as far as 35 feet.

2. Fog dispersion is not enough as I have a long greenhouse ? How can I propell the fog further without modifying the fogger ?

A cheap high velocity fan is recommended to disperse the fog further and to prevent stratification in a small area. Direct the foggers discharge downstream of the high velocity fan and the fog will be propelled much further. As a user, amongst the humidifiers in my greenhouse, the Humid-it Humidifer is the only humidifer that I use as its quite, efficient and portable. All the others are on stand-by,

3. How much water capacity do I need ?


The units do not require any high pressure pumps. An ordinary water supply is more than adequate and pressure can be as low as 5 psi.

4. Will the Humid-it Humidifier units be reliable using my water supply?

Humid-it Humidifiers are a self-flushing and nozzle-free system that does not require small orifices to produce a high quality fog. In most cases no filtration is necessary. In fact, Humid-it Humidifiers units can accept ordinary water supplies, such as city, well and even pond water without incurring any clogs. Even well water supplies with high concentrations of calcium rarely present clogging problems. However, its recommended to put a filter (not included) to prevent any stones, hair etc from entering the system.

5. Can I install this unit myself?

You certainly can, the Humid-it arrives requiring some assembly. They are very easy and quick to install. To complete a system: the Humid-it Humidifier unit is already complete and ready for manual operation. The combination Humid-it Humidifier and a humidistat or timer (ordered separately) can be set for automatic on/off operation according to a desired preset humidity level. The Humid-it Humidifier can be mounted on the floor or on a shelf.

6. What do I need for a complete system?

A garden hose, a desk or table to mount the Humid-it Humidifer, and a source of power are recommended to complete a humidifier installation for manual operation. A humidistat or timer (ordered separately) will be required for automatic operation..

7. What about warranty ?

The equipment is covered under manufacturer's warranty - 1 year from date of purchase. Return freight to factory for service will be at your own expense though.

8. My room is covered with white film/powder after using the unit. What is the problem ?

As they say, garbage in, garbage out. If the quality of your water is not good ( high concentration of salts, hardwater, iron etc... The effect is going to show up by the appearance of white / red powder / film on any of the surface that the fog would adhere depending on the type of mineral in the water. Best way is to have the water analyzed with the local water treatment company so they could recommend the proper water treatment. Best water to use in a fogging machine is pure water where there is no residue left once the fog dissipates.

9. What is the noise level?

Humid-it is a quite units. The noise level is like a refrigerator when the compressor is running..You can have a regular conversation even you're around the Humid-it Humidifer.

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