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Prices in this catalog supersede and cancel prices on all previous lists. Orders will be filled as they are received, subject to prior sale. If a plant is out of stock, we wil substitute a similar plant of comparable or greater value unless you indicate otherwise. We reserve the right to delay shipment if we feel extreme cold or extreme heat may endanger your plants. You will be notified in this event. Shipments will be made on Mondays or Tuesdays within two weeks of the receipt of your order. We will only ship when temperature is above freezing your end and our end . Most plants will be shipped bare-rooted, but we reserve the option to ship in pots unless you indicate otherwise. Plugs or Liners will be shipped in its own trays and ready for transplant on your end to larger pots..Plants we grow exclusively mounted will be shipped mounted.

Terms of Sale

You may order from us by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail. The mail address is: Dragon Agro Products, PO Box 33, Kendall Park, NJ 08824-0033. Our telephone number is 908-208-4767 and Fax number is: 732-297-6276. Our e-mail address is: dragon@dragonagro.com. please fax your credit card number & expiration date., your name, address, telephone #, shipping adress and your order- quantity and name or description of plant.

Minimum retail order for plants located in NJ by mail within the USA is US$50 after discount should there be any discount. sale. This minimum order pertains only to plants only Any plants outside of NJ are wholesale only and subject to the the wholesale minimum order. . Supplies do not require a minimum order. Minimum Foreign Order is US$1000. Payment must be made with order. We accept personal checks, money orders, MasterCard, VISA and Discover Cards. If you have already run your credit cards up to the limit, we suggest that you get a higher credit limit before reading through this catalog. Please include all pertinent information. New Jersey residents add required sales tax to your order.. If paying by personal check, a $30 penalty will be accrued if your check decides to bounce. ( Insufficient fund in your checking account.). Placing an order consititute an agreement to the terms of sale & conditions.

Domestic Shipments (Retail)

We will ship Express Mail for plants or priority mail if the weather is right from March ( excluding Summer ) through December, unless otherwise specified. Unless shown otherwise please include minimum of ($25 S/H Express) or ($14 S/H Priority) and $5 packing per box unless indicated otherwise. If shipping exceeds the minimum, you will be billed the difference..Larger orders will be billed accordingly. Large, heavy plants or plants in spike or supplies may require extra shipping and Packing & Handling charges due to additional weight and/or time and packing materials. Plants as a rule will be shipped bare-roots. Plants not insured travel at buyer's risk.. Please note that Insurance covers only loss of shipment and not damage through mishandling or time delay.

* States that require Phytosanitary Certificate are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin & Canada. Cost for Phytosanitary Certificate by Customer and to be added to total bill.

Foreign and Hawaiian Shipments

It is the responsibility of our foreign customers to provide the necessary papers in adherence to their government's importation regulations. We have an export permit and can provide phytosanitary certificates and C.l.T.E.S. all at your cost.. There will also be a three week delay in shipping foreign orders due to the inspection rules. Hawaiian residents please include import permit number.

Please advise preferred method of shipping. Unless you request otherwise, we will ship Express Mail Service. Please include 20% of order value for shipping and handling. If shipping charges exceed this amount or if we ship Air Freight we will bill for the difference. Indicate if insurance is desired and include $3 per $100 up to $400. Not all postal shipments to foreign countries are insurable. Plants not insured or insured at less than full value travel at buyer's risk. Air freight shipments can be insured to full value. Insurance covers only complete loss of shipment and not damage through mishandling or time delay.


The greatest possible care will be taken in packing your order. We guarantee that all plants leave our nursery in good condition. To the best of our knowledge our plants leave free of pests or diseases. Plants are however, living things and they can at anytime develop disease, virus or even insect pests. Since we have no control over plant culture after they leave facility, we do not offer or express any warrantly or guarantee once they reach you. taking care of it is up to you.. If there is a problem with your order, do not hesitate to contact us within three days of the date of shipping. After three days, we cannot be responsible as the plants are perishable and they are no longer in our care. However, we have no control over carrier treatment. Inspect all plants immediately upon arrival, report damaged shipments immediately to the carrier and file a claim. Retain all boxes and packaging for the inspector to examine and advise us of your action.

We attempt to identify and label plants properly but cannot guarantee correct identification. No warranty, express or implied, is given as to the productiveness of the plants offered herein. In any case, our liability is limited to the purchase price of the plants involved.


Unless prior approval is obtained, supplies ( consumables such as bulbs, fertilizers, hormones, insecticides even books are not included ) can be returned 7 days after purchase on pickup or 7 days after delivery provided the original boxes are intact and no single parts are missing and the unit is in perfect condition. A restocking fee of 20% shall apply. Customers to ship return goods the same way it was delivered at his/her own expense and credit can only be given. There will be no refund whatsoever.

Unless prior approval is obtained, plants can be returned 3 days after purchase on pickup or delivery is obtained. Customers to return goods in the original box the same way it was delivered at his/her own expense and credit can only be given. There will be no refund whatsoever.

Note: This Pricing Schedule is for retail only

BONUS PLANTS on domestic retail PLANTS purchases only unless noted otherwise exclusive of freight and other charges.



We are open by appointment only . However, If you are coming within or out of town or would like to bring a group, call WAY IN ADVANCE Tel 1-908-208-4767 or Email: dragon@dragonagro.com and we will be delighted to try and make arrangements to schedule a visit. We have a retail minimum plant purchase of $50 when odering by mail exclusive of packing and S/H..

What benefits do you get when you visit a grower ?
1. You get the inside track on rare plants that we only sell on personal pickup;
2. You get to see our collections that is not available in our website; and if you are a nice customer , we could even sell you a division.
3. You get to choose the next 2nd best plants if it is our collection (the specimen size plants stay with us). If it is a commercial plant, you pick the best one.
4. You get hands-on advice on the care of plants.

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