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Dragon Agro Products was founded in 1994 as a result of Perla's former company (Mobil Oil Technical Service) moving to a 3- hour drive location. Since Perla was not thrilled in moving , she thought about putting up her own business; one that she also enjoys.

Although she was a botanical ( orchids, bonsais, unusuals etc ) hobbyist, she never joined any orchid societies, bonsai societies etc.,.untill the company was incorporated. She learned about horticulture from reading books and the botanical vendors where she spent her money to satiate her hunger for the unusuals and ever increasing botanical collection. . She has been collecting orchids for the past 20 years , traveled to about 50 countries and acquired an extensive network of contacts domestic and abroad.. To jumpstart her business, she turned to importing in quantity blooming size plants from abroad and hard to find seedlings in the local and foreign market. It cost less to grow plants to blooming sizes in the tropics compared to the Northeast coast in the USA. It is the other way around.now. Vendors that Perla used to buy her plants from are now buying from her.

The following were her accomplishments in the non-botanical field::

The other partner, Tito , has been exposed to CP, orchids and other exotic animals and even when he was a kid ( 10 years old). Tito used to tend the orchids and various pet collections that his father brought from his travels as a merchant of corn, copra, abaca and other exotic animals in Mindanao, Philippines. Tito's interest as he grew up wandered into electrical & electronics engineering and as a consequence, he completely disassociated himself from anything that requires watering or feeding. After he got married, Tito gave Perla a Phalaenopsis as a birthday present and that's how he got dragged involuntarily into this botanical thing again. After spending 2 days every manual watering cycle, Recently Tito got tired of the same routine and devised a way to cut down the manual watering duration from 2 days to 4 hours and save a ton of water going down the drain with a minimum amount of retrofit for less than $200 to the existing greenhouse benches. The retrofit does not involve any automation as the greenhouse is populated with different types of plants from cactus succulent to aquatic type and in between like orchids demanding different types of watering regimen. . Tito managed to devise ways of elimating the yearly repotting and still able to grow the Orchids in an optimum condtion. Tito also gives presentation on growing Orchids and other plants the easy way to various Flower Shows and Orchid Societies. Tito provides Consulting, Marketing and Technical Support of equipment and perishables to the commercial greenhouse / landscaping and plant hobbyist.Tito is still doing consulting work with especialty in Electrical , Instrumentation . Automation and validation to Engineering / Consulting firm that render engineering services to the Oil Refineries , Power Generation / Distribution, Industrial, pharmaceutical, , bio-technology, Food / Beverage and commercial sector.

The following are Tito's Accomplishments in the non-botanical field::


Perla Wee, President
Tito Wee, VP

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September, 2017