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Oriental Cymbidium Species

The Oriental cymbidiums have been in cultivation for centuries in China , Japan and Korea where they have been prized for their graceful leaves, dainty flowers and delicate fragrances. Most of the Oriental cymbidium require shaded areas or low light and constant moist surrounding. It is best to purchase plants with a minimum of three or more bulbs or larger if available. They may be a bit more expensive but they will adapt quicker and will bloom quicker compared to a 1 or 2 growth plants. On some occasions, the more exotic varieties such as the plants with the peloric flowers, dwarf varieties, and variegated forms are offered on a per growth basis due to their high cost. Plants in chinese vase are more expensive since you are also paying for the vases. Variegated Cymbidiums are judged in Oriental Orchid shows without any flowers.

Cymbidium Culture


Growing temperature is the most critical factor in blooming the oriental cymbidiums. During the height of summer, Oriental cymbidiums should be grown under 80% to 95% shade, with temperatures from 75 to 85 deg F. Higher temperatures may be maintained if increased air movement is provided. Night temperatures in late summer and early fall (August to October) must be 50 to 60 deg F to initiate flower spikes. Optimum temperatures in winter are 45 to 55 deg F at night and 65 to 75 deg F during the day. Most Oriental cymbidiums can withstand light frost and survive, but it is not recommended.


In the NorthEast USA, shade more heavily during the summer months about 80-90% and increase the air movement. Keep about 40% shade during early spring and late fall and 60%-70% in the mid spring and early fall and gradually remove shades in winter. The leaves should be a dark green color, not medium green or golden green.


The plants roots should be moist ( not wet ) all the time. and depending on the mix that you're using, watering could be anywhere from every three days to once a week. During summer, avoid watering during the hottest part of the day. Use a Pot & potting medium that dries out evenly. Even drying could be effected by punching holes on the sides of the pot.


In winter, try to keep humidity at 50% to 60%. Higher humidity is recommended during the summer. All of Perla's variegated and peloric cymbidiums are in the dining room . In winter, a 20 gal. humidifier is set to run at 50% relative humidity and with the aid of an oscillating fan, it disperses the moisture evenly and recirculate the air around the cymbidiums leaves & roots. The furnitures also benefit from a 50% RH since a higher moisture content prevents the furniture from warping and drying out in winter. Your respiratory health would also improve.

Tip of the day : If you want to be a good grower, start with a relative humidity meter or hygrometer in your house.


Oriental cymbidiums are miniature and have very long roots, so deep containers are recommended. Slim deep containers as typified by the chinese, korean and japanese pots are best as they restrict the roots. The growers from mainland china typically use the big large pots and use big rocks at the bottom , medium rocks in the middle and small porous stones at the top. Being a busy man, I use local materials such as 1:1 fine bark and Fafard 3B for the top half and medium bark in the bottom half.. These mix enables me to water the plants once a week. Re-potting should be done in the spring after flowering. Select a container that will allow for two to three years of growth before crowding the container. Carefully remove all old potting medium from the roots. If you wish to divide the plant, maintain 2 to 3 bulbs with leaves in each division. Place the active growing bulb furthermost from the side of the container. Spread the roots over a cone of the mix in the bottom of the container. Fill the remainder of the container with mix and by tapping the container to seat the mix. Do not compact the mix. The rhizome should be about 1/2" below the surface of the medium. Supply limited amount of water and keep under shades until new growth starts..

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Cymbidium sinense v. variegata 'Chin Hua San'-- Wide variegated leaves . Young leaves are light green and turn darker as it matures. Fragrant multiflora and dark in color.
I-SH-M-3-1/2" Pot -3 growths, SOLD OUT Bonus plant or discount not applicable

Cymbidium ensifolium - 'Su Sin Lan' The literal translation of the chinese character is 'Plain Heart orchid' meaning the flowers are greenish white. This plant is a miniature 30-50 cm leaf length. Fragrant flowers on upright spike
I-SH-M-3-1/2" Pot -3 growths, @ $SOLD OUT

Cymbidium ensifolium v. variegatum 'Ma Ehr' fragrant flowers on upright spike and variegated at leaf tip & edge. Leaves taller taller than 'Tian Siang'. Flowers similar to 'Tian Siang'
I-SH-M-3-1/2" Pot 3 growths @ $40. Add $13 per additional growth. Bonus Plant or discount not applicable

Cymbidium ensifolium 'Tian Siang' Cymbidium ensifoliumv. variegatum 'Tian Siang' or 'Heavenly Fragrance'almost as small as 'Su Sin Lan'. Fragrant flowers on upright spike with pronounced variegation at leaf tip. Summer Bloomer.
I-SH-M-3-1/2" Pot 3 growths @$40 Add $13 per additional growth. Bonus Plant or discount not applicable

Cymbidium erythrostyllum -a variety endemic to Vietnam. A miniature plant. Flowers white with orange stripe. fragrant
I-SH-M-3 1/2" Pot - SOLD OUT

Cymbidium sinense 'Hung Jin Yan Liao' -- Plant is as small as the Cym. ensifolium 'Tian Siang' but without the variegation.. Leaves width a little wider than Cym ensifolium 'Tian Siang'. Fragrant multiflora. Summer Bloomer.
I-SH-M-3-1/2"" Pot -3 growths, $30 Add $10 per additional growth

Cymbidium sinense variegata 'Shi Men' Cymbidium sinense 'Shi Men' Cymbidium sinense Variegata 'Shi Men'-- small plant relative to a typical Cym sinense. leaves are xtremely variegated.. Fragrant Flowers are peloric. Summer Bloomer
I-SH-M-3-1/2" Pot -3 growths, $120 Add $40 per additional growth.

Cymbidium sinense 'Ryu Hua'Cymbidium sinense Variegata 'Ryu Hua' - small plant relative to a typical Cym sinense. leaves are xtremely variegated.. Have not seen the flower yet. Summer Bloomer. Picture shown in 3-1/2" pot.
3 growths @$90, Add $30 per additional growth.

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India Cymbidium Species

Indian Cymbidiums are characterized by large flowers. The pseudo bulbs are usually large although some species tend to have smaller pseudo bulbs. These are the parents of the modern hybrid.


Cymbidium Golden Elf 'Sundust' HCC/AOS Flowering Sizes Mature plants smaller than the huge standard cymbidiums- an awarded plant noted for its fragrance and golden flowers. I-SH-M-5 " pot - @$30 per 3 growths,

References: Chinese Cymbidium by Wu Ying-Siang 2nd Edition ISBN7-5038-1071-8/S.0595

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